Table of Contents for Such a Pretty Face anthology

My first anthology publication, and in such illustrious company! I'm thrilled, really I am. Here's the table of contents listing, as listed by Lee Martindale, our fearless editor.
Foreward, by Judy Sullivan
"Fat is not a Fairy Tale," by Jane Yolen
"Worse than the Curse," by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
"A Hero, Plain and Simple," by Ralph Gamelli
"Seliki," by Cynthia McQuillin
"The Blood Orange Tree," by Marian Crane
"Eater," by Jon Hansen
"Demon Bone," by Teresa Noelle Roberts
"The Fat Cats' Tale," by Martha A. Compton
"Vadija," by Catherine Lundoff
"Lady Emerdirael's Rescue," by Lisa Deason
"The Wife of Ben-Y-Ghloe," by Laura J. Underwood
"Chance Hospitality," by Carol Y. Huber & Mike C. Baker
"The Fat Magician," by Gene Wolfe
"The Search for a Sipping House," by Joette M. Rozanski
"A Taste of Song," by K. D. Wentworth
"Casting Against Type," by Jody Lynn Nye
"Meluse's Counsel," by Connie Wilkins
"Polyformus Perfectus," by Paula L. Fleming
"Eleven to Seven," by Bradley H. Sinor
"Last Chance Gravity Fill Station," by Celeste Allen
"Nuclear Winter," by Selina Rosen
"The Djinn Game," by Patrice E. Sarath
"Stoop Ladies," by Barbara Krasnoff
"Naratha's Shadow," by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
She'd also included the word counts, which I've left off, mainly because I don't think anyone'll care too much. However, I will say that Jane Yolen's story is shortest at 100 words and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's is longest at 8,450 words. Those two also happen to be the first and second stories. Hmm.