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This Fictional Me

So, yesterday I came across this book, which startled me somewhat. The only other Jon Hansen of any note I ever knew about was the fire chief at the Oklahoma City bombing from waay back when. Yes, the web tells me there are many others out there, mostly in South Dakota, Denmark and other parts beyond.

(Although now I see I was also the United Nations Secretary General in one of those rapture-Left-Behind-style books. Apparently my character was "extremely charismatic, popular and altruistic," as is only right. Of course, he also dies in a chopper crash in Pakistan. So there's that.)

Anyhoo, my first thought was, dear God, don't let this book become popular enough to be made into a movie. Nothing against Ms. Rogers, but I have no interest in having my name turned into the equivalent of 'Harry Potter.'

I really should work harder at making a name for myself. You'd never see a book called "Neil Gaiman and the Cyborg Hordes of Dreamland," unless it was a biography.