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A Short Time But A Merry One

This week the (once Daily) Cabal is wrapping things up. If you remember, I started in as part of a group of new writers in the fall of last year, hoping to bring some life into the site. Considering the original crew has decided to close up shop, I would say it did not work. Hopefully this does not make me Cousin Oliver.

At any rate, I'm sad that it's come to an end, but proud for my short time participating in it. For those of you interested in such things, here's a list of my contributions to the site, from most recent to oldest:

"Staff Disaster Plan #24"
"Superhero Soup"
"The System"
"The Yuleist"
"Father Time"
"Looking Up"
"The Kosmomancer's Apprentice"

I'm pretty sure the site will stay up, and may even updated with new material from time to time, but I think that'll be somewhat irregular.