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January 26, 2011

Panels Out Of Context #35

Look! You've started a forest fire!

* * *

Also, a new semi-daily Cabal story by me today: "Superhero Soup."

Don't mean to be so much about the superheroes these days, but they're very big around the house right now, thanks to The Boy. This week he's all about the Human Torch. Last week it was Iceman. Last month, Spider-Man. Next month? Money's on The Human Icespider.

January 19, 2011

Panels Out Of Context #34

From Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science #2. Written by Brian Clevinger, drawn & inked by Scott Wegener, colored by Ronda Pattison, and lettered by Jeff Powell.

I find myself charmed Robo and Tesla's approach to science. Charmed and terrified.

January 05, 2011

Panels Out Of Context #33

From Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9. Written by Jeff Parker, drawn by Juan Santa Cruz, inked by Raul Fernandez, colored by Impacto Studios' Adriano Lucas, and lettered by Dave Sharpe. Marvel, 2007.

There's just something about Spider-Man being turned into a M.O.D.O.C. that makes me giggle quietly to myself.

January 03, 2011

Clanking Of Crystal

It's a New Year, for which I am grateful.

I am also back at work for the first time in two weeks. I enjoyed my vacation quite a bit (didn't think about work once), but it's probably good for it to end. Need that money, after all, as I enjoy my materialistic lifestyle, like food and shelter.

Stupid food and shelter.

With the New Year, I made some resolutions/goals/targets to shoot for. I won't list them all, but each falls into one of two categories:
1. "Hey, stop doing that."
2. "Hey, start doing that."
Fortunately, none of them fall into both.

Happy New Year to you all.