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How Old Am I? ThirtyEleven? That's A Number, Right?

One of the things I've discovered that's good about having a birthday when you have a kid is that they also get really excited when you have a birthday. So excited, in fact, that you don't have to be excited about turning thirtyeleven, they'll do it all for you. But then it totally spills over on to you and you find yourself in a good mood just like that. Especially when they insist on you having birthday cake for breakfast. And then they join you, because, c'mon, it's cake. Plus I got cards! and presents! Warm pajamas and cool DVDs! And this:

Yes, it's Fast Lane, the tea with a caffeine level higher than drip coffee and approaching that of a double espresso. My first cup, I wasn't paying attention and left the tea bag in for about fifteen minutes. When I drank it, my neck veins throbbed for about an hour afterwards. Two thumbs up.

And yes, no Panels Out Of Context this week. I'm currently down a scanner (also, I am lazy). Will make it up to you. I promise.