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Ho Ho Ho

It's the last days at school before the official vacation. It's extremely quiet here, and I find myself keeping my door closed all the time. It locks automatically, and I feel more comfortable knowing someone can't just walk right on in. Low grade paranoia at work, I suppose.

New Daily Cabal story out: The Yuleist. It is that time of year, after all.

I also got a rejection last week, from a market I don't remember to which I sent a story that I don't recall. I'm thinking selective amnesia is at work here.

Tonight is The Boy's Christmas Concert. I'm not even sure if it's that formally named, but that's how I'll be referring to it. The Boy will be wearing fancy clothes, which he refers to as his "costume." It makes sense. When I have to dress up with a tie and suit, I think of myself as preparing to do a guest spot on "Mad Men". Then I have a drink of iced tea and pretend it's a scotch. At any rate, should be filled with holiday-themed adorableness, and so I think I'll head out. Good nite, all.