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See The People

I am back at work. I am not happy about this.

It's not that I object to working. No, what I object to is the industrial thermostat in the next room deciding to emit a high pitched squeal that could sterilize possums at ten yards. I have tried monkeying with the thermostat in a variety of ways. None work.

I would take a hammer to it, except for the fact that it's in the server room. Which means:
a) no ac, no servers, and
b) they'll know who did it, as the door requires a card swipe.

Loud music on my iPod does a good job of covering it, but makes it difficult for me to concentrate on work. And so I am not happy.

In other I-am-not-happy news, The Boy is home sick. We did in fact take him to the DragonCon parade Saturday morning, which was a mixed success. He liked seeing the superheroes on parade, but I think the fact that there wasn't anything else (for him) to do was a bit of a let-down. Furthermore, he woke up the next day with a harsh barking cough, which has him home from school and taking a variety of splendid medications.

On the bright side, my first post is up at The Daily Cabal. Go, look. It'll take you ten seconds.


Sorry about the noise. I, too, hate that sort of thing. May it spontaneously cease to make noise through your will-power.

Also, excellent story. Suitably creepy and evocative.

I might need to back up my will with explosives.

Also, thanks.