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Inertia. I Haz It

I have closed comments on all entries older than one month. This basically means all but three of them, including this one.

I've actually considered getting rid of comments altogether. Don't get many these days, except for spammers. Ah, spammers. Now they come posting with first and last names, an email address that doesn't even close to either of them, a website for some questionable advertising. And wrapped all around this is a vague platitude of a comment along the lines of "good job!" Do many bloggers fall for this? Or are blogs without a large audience well and truly dead, as Wired claimed. Eh, who cares. I still subscribe to the newspaper. Besides, it's too much trouble. So comment on, spammers! Comment, so I can ban your IP addresses already. I live for that.


Killing spam is one of my favorite things at my blog, too!

De-lurking to let you know that I've been dropping in here on occasion to read about your adventures in short story submissions. I think yours is the only blog I've come across that reports subs in the way that you do, alongside the rest of what you're up to. It's encouraging to see another writer plugging away--makes me feel less insane as I continue to send my stuff out there. So schner to Wired! I like the comic panels, too. (Good job!)

Why, thank you, Elizabeth. When I started with the posting, most of the beginning writers online I knew posted market responses. Now most of 'em don't (most of them aren't beginners anymore, either).

I'm sure there's a correlation here somewhere.