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Planning Ahead

Hey, got a rejection: mumbly-joe something days from Abyss & Apex, sent to them some time in February. I think. So.

Vacation has been going well, in general. Actually answered a few work emails that needed answering. Subscribed to Marvel's Digital Comics program and read a few things, including Modok's 11. Just generally lazed about the house.

Well, okay, I did do one productive thing: moved several bookshelves about, moving them out of our bedroom into the hall and other rooms. One's now in my office, blocking the closet door. This might cause trouble in a few months, 'cuz that's where we keep the Christmas wrapping paper. I can hear the conversation already: "Sorry son, Christmas is cancelled this year! Yes, I'm afraid so. Don't cry. Why? Couldn't wrap your gifts, so I took 'em all back! Why are you crying? No, I can't go buy more paper, don't talk crazy! And stop crying!" Yeah, that won't go well. I'll probably have to move it; cheaper than a pony.


One year when I couldn't afford the newest cell phone for my daughter for Christmas, I bought her a pony. A very, very nice farm store stuffy. She wasn't amused. The nice thing about giving ponies for the season is: NO WRAPPING!