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With Or Without Cha-Cha-Chas?

In much happier news, I'd like to mention that today is my sweetie's birthday! She is delighted by this turn of events (who wouldn't be?), so feel free to send her birthday wishes!

The Boy is also having his birthday party this weekend. The actual day, technically, is Tuesday, but you know how it is. He will be four. To celebrate, we'll be having the party at our house. So far, nine kids from his class have RSVP'd that they'll be showing up. I'm sure there will also be a few miscellaneous siblings, a couple kids whose parents kept forgetting to call, plus one or two parents per child.

Tomorrow should be fairly interesting.


happy birthday, lisa!!! we are very happy that you are in our family.

Happy belated birthday to Lisa and happy barely early birthday to Ian! Hope the weekend party was lovely!