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For The Record

Although I have a Facebook account, I don't actually spend any time on it. If you friend me, I'm happy to friend you back, for all the good it will do you. I won't ever actually update on it, and I won't read your updates. But I'm happy to friend you. What do I care? However, I won't play the games, accept or give the gifts, or participate in anything that might result in some sort of app installation. I've got a nice little corner of the Internet -- here -- and that's where I spend my time. LJ updates point back here, and Twitter doesn't count. It's the cocktail party of the Internet.

(For best effect, I should probably post this on Facebook. But I'm not going to, as I don't use it.)

Reading: Had been White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion and Wolverine: Weapon X, two graphic novels I got at rock bottom prices from Barnes & Noble. Now it's Essential Defenders Vol. One.