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But It Was Not Your Fault But Mine

So, yes. WisCon. That was last week, wasn't it? No wait, it ended last week, but started before then. Clearly I am not down with updating.

At any rate, I went, met people, got some of them to sign books for me, listened to others read things to me, and otherwise hung out, chatted, ate and drank and otherwise became slightly more socialized. I would say this is a Good Thing. I also got to meet in Real Life seven people who I've been reading, lurking on, or otherwise stalking on the Intarwebs for years now. Years! People I've known since the 90's and had never laid eyes on before. Ridiculous. I am Ridiculous Man. Write me a theme song.

In short, I had a fine time. Will I return? Well, it seems much more likely now, but who can say for sure?

Reading: Some things I have read since returning from WisCon (where I purchased them, along with others I haven't gotten to yet as well as the ones I brought for people to sign, which all in all made for one heavy as hell suitcase):


Hope you like The Ant King -- let me know what you think. :-)

I am enjoying The Ant King quite a bit, but I gotta say: You know how sometimes when you finish a story or a book and say, "Well, hell, I could write something better than this," often with a dismissive eyeroll or tossing the book across the room? This book is having the opposite effect on me. I am filled with despair that I will never write anything quite so good and instead I should just give up.

Fortunately, one of my cats will come and lie on my chest until the feeling passes. At any rate: it's good, man.

I know that feeling oh so well!

Thanks for the kind words.