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So, yeah. The long and short of it all is that we had to have Andy be put to sleep. I'm having some trouble with this still.

We picked him up way back when we were still living in Iowa, a barn cat kitten that grew to prodigious size. He acted as sort of the bridge between Josie, Miles & Virginia, the Original Trio and the Next Generation of June, Gus & Sylvia. The originals did not like him very much, frankly. They clearly thought him to be an over enthusiastic whippersnapper, but the three little white cats worshiped him, to put it simply, a fact which seemed to surprise him time and again. He had a recurring health problem for the last five years or so, of every six months or so not eating for a week at a time, and not keeping food down if he tried. It was hard on him (and the carpets). The vets could never figure out what was causing his condition, and in the end, it was probably that pushed him over the edge. The vet was very gentle with him, and I got to sit with him through the end and bawl my eyes out.

He was a good cat. A damn good cat.


Aw, man. I'm so sorry. Look at him, dwarfing Ian.

I'm sorry, too, man. I can tell he was lovely to have around.

What a handsome fellow. It sounds like he had a very happy life full of love.

Sending good thoughts to all of you for your loss.

So sorry. It's always hard to say goodbye.

I'm so sorry. Hugs, dude.

Well, that sucks.

(Looks a lot like my parents' Calvin -- another 20-pound orange tabby who had to be put to sleep too young, though in Calvin's case at least we knew what it was.)

A cat bigger than life. So sorry. I bet he was a fine cat.

Oh - I am so sorry to hear that. Andy was an awesome cat.

Thanks, everybody.

damn good cat!!!

But wasn't he grand!

So sorry for your loss.

I always loved seeing your pictures of him, he reminds me of one of my cats. I'm sorry for your loss.