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June 30, 2010

Panels Out Of Context #10

From Marvel Feature #2, reprinted in Essential Defenders, Vol. One. Written by Roy Thomas, drawn by Ross Andru, inked by Sal Buscema, lettered by Sam Rosen, and recolored by me. Marvel, 1972.

No, I'm good.

June 29, 2010

The First Three Rows Will Get Wet

This made me laugh entirely too hard:

With thanks to @kmeisner.

June 28, 2010

For The Record

Although I have a Facebook account, I don't actually spend any time on it. If you friend me, I'm happy to friend you back, for all the good it will do you. I won't ever actually update on it, and I won't read your updates. But I'm happy to friend you. What do I care? However, I won't play the games, accept or give the gifts, or participate in anything that might result in some sort of app installation. I've got a nice little corner of the Internet -- here -- and that's where I spend my time. LJ updates point back here, and Twitter doesn't count. It's the cocktail party of the Internet.

(For best effect, I should probably post this on Facebook. But I'm not going to, as I don't use it.)

Reading: Had been White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion and Wolverine: Weapon X, two graphic novels I got at rock bottom prices from Barnes & Noble. Now it's Essential Defenders Vol. One.

June 17, 2010

Panels Out Of Context #9

From Captain America #185. Written by Steve Englehart, drawn by Frank Robbins, inked by Frank Giacoia, lettered by Tom Orzechowski, and colored by Stan Goldberg. Marvel, 1975.

As true today as it was then.

June 15, 2010

It Is Supposed To Be Fun, After All

And today, now, is The Boy's official birthday. Only now is he really truly four, despite the party we'd already had. He's been calling himself four; ergo, it is so.

Party was fun. He got Spider-Man stuff and Buzz Lightyear stuff, and he and his friends had fun running round the house. We did too. Heck, the planning was more stressful than the actual event.

Not much to report. Got a poetry rejection from Descant the other day, while grocery shopping, thanks to the iPhone, email & WiFi. Future snuck up on me when I wasn't watching; so what else is new?

Reading: Had been Cast A Cold Eye, by Derryl Murphy and William Shunn. Now it's Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis.

June 11, 2010

With Or Without Cha-Cha-Chas?

In much happier news, I'd like to mention that today is my sweetie's birthday! She is delighted by this turn of events (who wouldn't be?), so feel free to send her birthday wishes!

The Boy is also having his birthday party this weekend. The actual day, technically, is Tuesday, but you know how it is. He will be four. To celebrate, we'll be having the party at our house. So far, nine kids from his class have RSVP'd that they'll be showing up. I'm sure there will also be a few miscellaneous siblings, a couple kids whose parents kept forgetting to call, plus one or two parents per child.

Tomorrow should be fairly interesting.

June 10, 2010


So, yeah. The long and short of it all is that we had to have Andy be put to sleep. I'm having some trouble with this still.

We picked him up way back when we were still living in Iowa, a barn cat kitten that grew to prodigious size. He acted as sort of the bridge between Josie, Miles & Virginia, the Original Trio and the Next Generation of June, Gus & Sylvia. The originals did not like him very much, frankly. They clearly thought him to be an over enthusiastic whippersnapper, but the three little white cats worshiped him, to put it simply, a fact which seemed to surprise him time and again. He had a recurring health problem for the last five years or so, of every six months or so not eating for a week at a time, and not keeping food down if he tried. It was hard on him (and the carpets). The vets could never figure out what was causing his condition, and in the end, it was probably that pushed him over the edge. The vet was very gentle with him, and I got to sit with him through the end and bawl my eyes out.

He was a good cat. A damn good cat.

June 07, 2010

But It Was Not Your Fault But Mine

So, yes. WisCon. That was last week, wasn't it? No wait, it ended last week, but started before then. Clearly I am not down with updating.

At any rate, I went, met people, got some of them to sign books for me, listened to others read things to me, and otherwise hung out, chatted, ate and drank and otherwise became slightly more socialized. I would say this is a Good Thing. I also got to meet in Real Life seven people who I've been reading, lurking on, or otherwise stalking on the Intarwebs for years now. Years! People I've known since the 90's and had never laid eyes on before. Ridiculous. I am Ridiculous Man. Write me a theme song.

In short, I had a fine time. Will I return? Well, it seems much more likely now, but who can say for sure?

Reading: Some things I have read since returning from WisCon (where I purchased them, along with others I haven't gotten to yet as well as the ones I brought for people to sign, which all in all made for one heavy as hell suitcase):

June 04, 2010

Panels Out Of Context #8

From Heralds #1. Written by Kathryn Immonen, drawn by Tonci Zonjic, colored by Nathan Fairbairn, and lettered by Clayton Cowles. Marvel, 2010.

Well, just that one time, while watching Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. But that was more of a "kick across the room" feeling.