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Follow Your Dreams

Have received my membership information for WhiskeyCon. Eee! Very exciting. Held in beautiful Bourbon County, Kentucky, where you hear presentations from such industry experts as Paul Varga of Woodford Reserve, Bill Samuels of Maker's Mark, and of course, Jim Beam.

What? Oh, wait a sec. This is the membership info for WisCon, feminist science fiction convention held in Madison, Wisconsin. WhiskeyCon is just some beautiful vision in my head. Sigh.

So, yeah. Wiscon! Whoo!


Zomg, you're coming to Wiscon! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!


You have NO IDEA how excited I was by the idea of Whiskey Con. Why oh why is fabulous thing only in your head?

It sometimes saddens me that I'm not able to make all my glorious visions a reality. O cruel world! Why aren't I King of All?