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Not A Hard-Edged Crime Drama With Villains Who Play For Keeps, Thank Goodness

I have to stop blinking, because the next thing you know it's April. And not just April, but 25% of the way into April, which is like buying that box of Captain Crunch at the store because you suddenly really wanted to taste it again, then getting it home only to find that the box is half empty. It's just not right.

The big development is that this Thursday Lisa will be going on her trip to Barcelona, leaving me a single parent for ten eight days. Ten Eight days!*


In passing news, got a rejection from Asimov's over the break. Poetry, not fiction, for those of you tracking such things. Which I suppose is me, really.

Let's end this on a stream-of-consciousness of recent random events: held an iPad today. Colbert could totally make salsa with it. I have a Spider-Man bobblehead on my desk, which means it'll only be mine until Ian lays eyes on it. Spider-Man nods in agreement. Paid the taxes, a task as distasteful as it was annoying, so that's all right. Am in need of a shave, a haircut, and my fingernails trimmed. Stupid personal grooming. Finally, it seems my internal monologue is as unimpressive as my exterior monologue. And on that note, good night.

* - I originally counted her departure/return days as well. So that's eight full days of her absence, plus two partials, which technically adds up to nine. Still: sob.


iiiiiiiiPPPPPaaaaadddddd! I held one yesterday, too. I cannot wait to have one of my very own. Hopefully soonish. 10 days in Barcelona - tell Lisa to enjoy and post pics on FB for all of us to be jealous of!

She's taking pictures, all right, but I don't know if she'll put 'em on Facebook or not. She doesn't think much of it.

He's exaggerating. I'll only be there for 8 days. And if I can figure out how to post pix from my iPhone to Facebook, I'll make it happen. That's a big IF.