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Lisa Vs. The Volcano

Although I did not note it here (instead expressing my delight via twitter), Lisa successfully dodged the attentions of the volcano god. Iceland is too far north (or conversely, Spain is far too south) for the ash to be a problem, and so her flight home was unhindered. To which we all say: phew.

* * *

Am about to go to a meeting that will help us plan for another meeting. Those are the most fun, although we're never allowed to plan for everything:

"What if the other people have all been replaced by pod people? What's our game plan then?"
"Okay, when they reveal their true alien identities, everyone run for the door. Use your laptop as a shield if you need to. Equipment is replaceable, you aren't."
This sort of thinking could be useful.

Hey, I said could be, not would be.

* * *

Other notes of note: rejection from PodCastle (I think I've now run out of things to send them, which I'm sure they're grateful). Also page proofs from the long-delayed Inhuman story.


I want to go to *your* planning meetings!