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Who Wants Ginger Snaps?

There's a swarm of termites in the library lounge down in the basement. And by swarm, I mean three or four hundred, occupying several square feet worth of carpet and wall, their little wings a'flapping as they crawl about, plotting their next moves. Several thoughts came to mind, simultaneously:

  • the inevitable paraphrased Simpsons quote
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.
  • "Well, my office is on the third floor, so at least it'll take 'em a while to make it up there."
The workings of my brain in a nutshell: revulsion, self-interest, and pop culture references from the early 90's.


Eeeeek! That seems creepy. Loved the inevitable Simpsons throwback though.

You've made me idly wonder how a library deals with fumigation - I guess there are plenty of ways to handle it without harming the books, but I hadn't thought about it before.

Your mind works in very strange ways. Not a bad thing, mind you, just, ah, strange. :D