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Provide Your Own Handbasket

To mark the occasion of the release of her second book, Mark of the Demon (now available at discerning book merchants everywhere), Diana Rowland is holding the Demontastic Contest to Hell. Rarely am I one to pass up a contest. And so:

(click to embiggen)

No, I didn't buy anything for the photo. Yes, we actually have all that stuff lying around the place. Yes, I'm frightened too.


Nice photo. Why didn't you include Ian's Abby Cadabby wand? Or his Barbie wand? Or his ribbon wand? Or his stick wands?

If that knife scratched my new floor you're in trouble, buster.

I was going for a slightly more ominous vibe than could be conveyed by his wand collection. And don't worry, I was very careful with Mr. Sharp & Pointy.

When I first looked at that pic my first thought was - nice, but it's missing a Barbie wand. I think Lisa's on to something.

Everyone's a layout designer.

I thought the Barbie doll would always be successful.

LOL, love the photo!!!

Highly scary, I love it. I'm having extra fun imagining photo-shoot 2 with the Abby Cadabby wand, though. :)

Perhaps the absinthe spoon would make a nice addition, yes?

Ah, I forgot about that! Oh well.