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Say It In A Hank Azaria Voice

Lisa has exciting news: she's going to Barcelona for ten days. Her mom's going to a conference, and the space, so she invited Lisa to attend. So she'll wandering the streets of Old Europe, soaking up culture and exotica and the Spanish Inquisition. Me? I'll be here at home with Ian, self-medicating.

On the bright side, I'll be entitled to a vacation by myself sometime this year. Just need to figure out what and where. WisCon? ComicCon? Get in the car and drive in random directions for a week? So many choices.

* * *

I have the theme song to Umizoomi stuck in my head. Kill me. Kill me right now.

Here, now you too can hear part of it. But once it has been heard, it can't be unheard. Or something like that.

* * *

I have managed to send back out languishing manuscripts. Go me. I look forward to future rejections. Now, to go fold clothes.


You may come to either WisCon or ComicCon. Since I plan to be at both, either will be acceptable.

Excellent for you, getting those manuscripts out.

Ah. Well, thank you.