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Demands Of Supply

Ian went for his follow-up on his tonsils Friday, and the medicine men pronounced him fit as a fiddle. And good, I say.

* * *

Didn't have anything to say on the Amazon.com-Macmillan showdown when it happened, and now it appears to be wrapping up very rapidly (in short: Amazon lost, but the future holds more). The future is always a painful adjustment. I'm with Macmillan on this, for what it's worth. What Amazon did basically hurt many writers I know and respect, and that's a stupid thing to do. I'm almost certainly not going to go back and change links (because, man, that's a lot of links). But I'll link to other stores in the future. I like Amazon in principle, and I'll probably still shop there from time to time, because sometimes they'll have what I want. But they won't be my first choice anymore.

* * *

Tomorrow I go and speak to professors about copyright, and the advantages to them of following it. Wish me luck.