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Cone Of Cold Reaches Us

Apologies for the delay in postings. Have been most unwell, in a really disgusting way. Seem to have finally dried up. Yes, I'm grateful too.

I'm also pleased to announce to you all that I will be going to WisCon this year. Yes, I'll be making a rare public appearance outside my natural habitat of home, library, bookstore. Like J. D. Salinger, only much less talented and/or successful. Yay, etc. In a related note, is the "Dessert Function" worth registering for?

* * *

14 day rejection from PodCastle. Liked this one better than the last one, but still no. Hm.

* * *

Got snow in a decent amount, for the first I can remember here since we returned from the Midwest lo those many years ago. The house is beginning to be surrounded by snow goons. Pictures of two of them can be seen here and here. They look tricksy. I'm pretty sure Ian and I can take them. Ian dashes across the yard, and when they turn to follow, I lop off their heads with my broadsword. A foolproof plan.

(Yes, you out there, the rest of the country are all so bored with the Snowpocalypse, and who can blame you? But this is the first time we've been able to play too, so hush already.)

Reading: Essential Doctor Strange, Vol. 1. By the Twelve Moons of Munnopor, 'tis most amusing.