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Shadows Of The Monkey God Dungeon

Got the word back on the third accepted but never published story. Once again, it disappeared in the editorial shift. Unsurprising, but I'm still a little disappointed.

* * *

After a relaxing evening watching Chuck and House, Lisa managed to get me to watch the first ten minutes of Twilight, in some sort of, "oh God, this is terrible, watch this" kind of way. I managed to make my escape by having her listen to Tripod's King Kong on my iPod, and swiping the remote when her evil cackles changed to giggles of amusement. Thank you, Australian geeks.

* * *

I am mildly surprised to see that my downloads from DriveThruRPG's "give to Haiti relief, get a metric ton of free files from us" are to be downloaded one at a time. There's about a hundred of them, more or less. This is gonna take a while.

* * *

After judging Manuscript Tracker not customizable enuf, I'm taking a look at Bento. For one thing, I can import my old database into it. That, I like.

Reading: Had been Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fforde. Yes. This. Awesome. Also, book one of a trilogy, which left me going "Gah!" So be warned. Now reading 50 Short Science Fiction Tales, edited by Isaac Asimov and Groff Conklin. In the intro Asimov complains about the problems of trying to describe a strange environment and do a decent job of characterization too, and why doesn't anyone celebrate a well-described setting? It's a mystery.