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Pimp My Database

Well, Bento's certainly much prettier, I would say. A screenshot of the two, new on the left, old on the right.

(Click to embiggen, if you are so inclined.)

I think that leather is Corinthian. Or is it Cardassian?

There's still some database clean up to be done, of course, which is weird. Poking through the remains of old magazines that bit the dust, rejections and sales years, sometimes over a decade old. Even has my first rejection in there, from 1991, when I was still in college and especially clueless. Hoo boy. Something never change. I'm still in college, and still clueless. Ah, consistency.

Reading: The Complete Bloom County, vol. 1, 1980-1982, by Berke Breathed. This was good. Also, The Chill, written by Jason Starr and illustrated by Mick Bertilorenzi . This was not. Or rather, the illustration was good, and the story decent, but the ending did not work for me at all.