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Facts Are Annoying Things

So, one of the fallouts of my recent physical (Yay, 40! Go age go!) is that it turns out my cholesterol and triglycerides are high. As in, "although convenient, you need to stop storing cheeseburgers in your arteries" kind of high. So I'm now engaged in watching what I eat, i.e., documenting it and the calories on a daily basis with an eye towards losing weight. Calorie counts are like word counts, only a 3,000 word day? Very good. A 3,000 calorie day? Not good. They're also kind of hard to estimate, as most things are only approximate. It's a shame there's no Microsoft Eat: Calorie Count, but I also wouldn't want my GI tract crashing on me three times a day.

Don't want this journal to turn into a list of What I Devoured, but it's a change in my life, so I'll note it here. This will also be the only time I play on mentioning it. The fact that we're at the start of the New Year makes it a good time to bring it up, but this change is not a resolution. Resolutions are promises you make and often break. This change is now a fact.

Darn it all.

Recently Read Over The Break: Bone, the Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, by Jeff Smith. THAT was AWESOME.


Glad you had the physical -- I should probably do one of those, too. I still have a few more months till 40 though.

Also, if you want to blog about your calorie count or what you're eating, please do. This blog is about you, and I care about you, and anything affecting your life is therefore something I want to read about.

Counting calories is a pain, but there are a couple of free websites I've been pretty happy with to help. I use SparkPeople (http://www.sparkpeople.com) off and on (helps you track physical activity as well as food). Nutrition King is pretty good about having calorie info on a wide variety of stuff (http://www.calorieking.com/). They also help with tracking, but I haven't used their system. I also like Nutrition Data a lot for the info they give on how the calories in the food break down (http://www.nutritiondata.com/).

Oh, and, what Jenn said!

Well, thanks, you two.

staying away from cheeseburgers, etc, is cheaper and much better than statins-- ask your mom