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Eye Tyrant

Went to get my eyes checked this morning, as part of my continuing "I've just turned 40 so let's see how my body is falling apart" program. As it turns out, my eyesight is excellent. The doctor actually mentioned how much he was enjoying doing the exam because so often the people who come to see him are train wrecks, ocularly speaking. If I ever do have trouble reading, those cheapo glasses they sell at the pharmacy will be just fine. But until then, no glasses.

Which, it turns out, is a good thing. Last night while I was at work, Lisa told Ian that I was going to the eye doctor to see if I needed glasses. Whereupon Ian promptly burst into tears, wailing "But I don't want Daddy to wear glasses!"

No, I'm not sure what that's about either. Perhaps it's an aesthetics problem. He'd probably be cool with me using a magnifying glass.


Or a monocle.

That might work, but where do you actually get those? The Upper Class Twit store?