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Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In

So, I'm back, more or less. Today is the last day of my vacation from the library mines, so I might as well end radio silence. I haven't been keeping up with what's been up in your individual worlds (mine has been difficult enough to keep track of), so let me just offer you all my congratulations/sympathies/outrage/amused interest/holiday wishes as appropriate. I'll be catching up later.

As for myself, vacation was fairly memorable. Took Ian to Disney World, where he offered up his deep and most sincere appreciation to Mickey and Minnie. Quite good. On the other hand, also had my credit card number stolen (these two events are probably not related) and have been working with the fallout from that. Let's just say I've been getting some interesting mail.

So, how were your holidays?


Glad to hear the vacation went well :-) Sorry about the credit card numbers, though. We had that happen a couple years ago. The worst part was that the person using my numbers was shopping at cool places and I was actually a little jealous (Apple Store, Ikea, etc.)

I wish these people were shopping somewhere cool. So far my identity thief appears to be falling for a wide variety of internet scams.

My sympathies about the credit card issue. Last week, somebody "stole" my debit card and used it a few times before the bank figured it out..." hey, she normally doesn't make such big expenditures at multiple Radio Shacks all in one day..." Hope you're all fixed soon!

Aw, man. That sucks, Lisa. Sorry to hear that. And a debit card? Did you get all your money back, he typed hopefully?