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Am Am Am

Am surprised that one of the markets where I thought my work had been discarded/overlooked/lost in the cracks, it turns out that the editor had a series of medical problems combined with computer problems. In short, most of Bush's second term is a hazy blur. The lucky bastard. Anyhoo, he asked for a new copy of the story file and it looks like it might actually see print. Go figure.

* * *

Am rocking out on Tripod's Songs from Self-Saucing and The Aquabats's Charge!!. It seems my musical tastes grow ever stranger as I grow old.

Interestingly, both these albums have songs about apes, one gigantic, the other mechanical. I'm not sure what it means, however.

* * *

Am working up a presentation on copyright that I have to make to faculty in a couple weeks. Gah. Shame I can't just say, "Copyright: Don't violate it, ok, as the university would rather not be sued into insolvency."

Hm. Maybe that can be the title.