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Do You Think Anyone Will Notice The Slight Modifications?

Yes, I'm old. Don't make me get my cane.

From the esteemed Scott Pilgrim vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, written, penciled, inked, and lettered by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Seriously, why aren't you reading these? They're very, very, very good. Here, start with the first one. That way you'll be ready for the movie which comes out this summer, starring Michael Cera.


Happy birthday!

Also, don't knock the canes. There are some awesome ones out there. (My wife has one with a built-in retractable ice spike that, as soon as I finish modifying it, will double as a vampire-slaying device.)

Happy birthday! I'm going to call you old as often as possible... until I turn 40 in a few months. Thanks for going first into the abyss, man!

The likeness is uncanny. Happy birthday Scott Jon!

Happy birthday, whipper snapper! (And why you kids insist on snapping your whips is beyond me. But, then, many things get beyond you when you're old. So you have *that* to look forward to.)

Seriously, forty is sporty. You'll see.

Is it your birthday too? Happy Birthday!

Thanks, all!