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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Okay, okay. Perhaps I was a little harsh in my earlier remarks on the 11th month. November did have one thing going for it: the arrival of my nephew, Jack, on November 5th. Congratulations to my brother Paul, Joy, and my nephew Chris, who has now been promoted to Big Brother. Jack can be seen below, rockin' out:

Although it's kind of hard to tell from this picture, he's definitely got that whole chronmage samurai haircut thing going on.

Are you happy, November? I said something nice about you. Now call off your pumpkin warriors. And don't look so smug, December. For one thing, you're having me turn 40 in just a week, and that's not making me look all that favorably on you...


another cousin for ian and a great addition to our family!

He is great, isn't it?