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Get Out Percentile Dice

Table 1 : Monthly Event Table

01-10: School closed for Parent-Teacher Conferences, Ian must stay home.
11-18: Ian is sick for 6-36 hours and must stay home.
19-35: Short on sleep, must consume 1-3 additional caffeine drinks to function.
36-45: Drive to Athens for a grant meeting, roll twice on Random Traffic Encounter (Interstate) table.
46-56: Have the outside of the house painted, deal with 2-8 contractors.
57-67: Have the inside of the house painted, deal with 2-8 contractors.
68-75: Have hardwood floors put down over the entire first floor of the house, deal with 2-8 contractors.
76-85: Brother and wife are about to have another baby.
86-92: Try to learn another skill, like how to draw.
93-96: Roll twice.
97-99: Roll three times.
100: Every event on the table applies.

Any guesses as to what I rolled?


Oh my, you do have a full adventure's worth of excitement there! But it sounds like your house is looking (or will be looking?) lovely!

Sympathies, congratulations, and good lucks as appropriate! (Um, if in doubt, roll d4 minus 1 to decide?) :)