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Against That Bastard, Inertia

A mildly depressing note: sent an email to a market that had bought a story of mine years ago (years!), paid me and everything, but had yet to publish it. As you all know, movement in publishing is usually measured geologically, but eventually this seemed a bit long to me, so I sent them a note to officially withdraw it.

Turned out, the editor who'd bought it wasn't the editor anymore, and the new guy didn't even know he'd had it in his inventory. Bah, I say.

On the bright side, I did just do a library instruction session where a young lady declared that "real libraries don't charge overdue fees!" and I promptly burst into laughter in front of the class. I laughed and laughed and laughed, without hesitation, without reserve, without remorse, and the sheer rightness of that response still makes me smile.

Reading: I'm reading a lot of books on drawing lately. More on that later.


Now I am laughing, too.

When I recovered, I learned she was referring to her public library back home (not sure where, but I'm guessing it's small) where she once returned a book two years late and they didn't charge her anything.

"And that's why libraries charge late fees."