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Socialized Medicine For The Win

Yesterday took Ian and myself to an exciting event: a mass vaccination. Sponsored by the county public health, it offered us the opportunity to get ourselves a H1N1 shot.

(Incidentally, I'm glad it's being referred to mostly now by the scientific term rather than 'swine flu,' or some other term, but every time I see it, I keep think it's some leet term for the gluteus maximus used by technophile nine-year-olds. Possibly this is just me.)

It was a fairly successful trip, as far as I'm concerned. Other, more respectable sources (in the eyes of the middle class, of course) like our local pediatrician, the university's health center, and various local pharmacies/doc-in-the-box don't have the vaccine. Only the county public health department did, and they handed it out, first come first serve, for free. And just think, only a few months ago, the Cobb Independence Day Tea Bagging Party occurred on that exact same spot. It is to laugh.

Ian did very well. He was very interested in the proceedings ("What's everyone doing here, daddy?" "They're here to get medicine." "What kind of medicine?" "Medicine to keep you from getting sick." "Oh. I no wanna get sick.") I never used the term 'shot', because there seems to be no faster way to strike terror into a toddler's heart than telling him he needs a shot. Happily, it turned out we weren't getting shots. Instead, 'twas the FluMist.

I went first, to show what was going on. That went over very well. Ian got a big smile on his face when the nurse pushed those things up my nose. He did pretty well with it too. In, then out in fifteen minutes. And then we went to the bookstore. Because that's how we roll.

(I did ask him if he wanted to go to the comic book store. He said, "No, I want to go to the real bookstore." Three years old and he's already a snob.)

Reading: Just finished Unseen Academicals, by the illustrious Terry Pratchett. It's good; another one of his "let's take something real world like paper money or the Post Office and put it in Discworld" books. This time it's soccer (football to the rest of you lot).