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It's Alive!

Ah, ye olde blog has been resurrected just in time for All Hallow's Eve. My apologies for the radio silence, but there'd been a bit of a snafu with my ISP. It seems they'd [Active Technobabble Mode] switched the server I was on, and in the process that appeared to break the MySQL database. Seems 4.0 is practically antique. But finally we backed up the database, created a new database in MySQL 5.0, then uploaded the backup into the new database, updated a few config files, and all's well![End Technobabble Mode]

I will say this: making a few complaints on Twitter appears to be a good way to get some attention. Props to GoDaddy for monitoring it for mention of their name, then actually calling me to ask how they can help. That's impressive.

So, to recap: blog not broke no more.


Okay, I love the "complain on Twitter" method of getting attention. There's something about that which is very twisted, yet sublime.