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Comic Book Culture

Yes, I've not been around. Here, that is. Mostly the small events of life: Ate meals. Drank tea & coffee. Answered questions. Wrote poem. Read Olivia books to Ian. Watched The Daily Show. Kissed Lisa. Swore at the cats. Bought pants. Surfed the nets. Slept not nearly enough. The usual, mostly.

* * *

Masterpiece Comics, by R. Sikoryak, is just the sort of thing that Classics Illustrated should've been: comic book versions of classic works of literature, starring familiar faces. To the left we have a sampling (click to see the full strip) of Marlowe's Doctor Faust, starring Jon Arbuckle as the tempted and Garfield as the devil Mephistopheles. Or rather, Mephistofield. Tells the whole story over twenty or so strips that keep with the traditional format: 3 boxes ending on a not-particularly funny punchline. The art's pretty faithful, too.

(Am suddenly struck by thought: would this work using the Garfield Minus Garfield concept? I think yes)

Mr. Sikoryak has other examples on his site, and someone a couple years back put the complete Dostoyesky Comics (Crime and Punishment starring Batman/Bruce Wayne) online. In short, I recommend you go out and get it, then leave it lying around where some unsuspecting child can find it.