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Also, The Color Balance On The Lawn Has Been Set On Maximum Green

After four days, more or less, the rain has stopped. A reasonable guess was that we got somewhere in the neighborhood of a foot of rain, give or take a few inches. We made it through just fine. Much better than my in-laws; they had a ten-foot sinkhole open up across the street in their neighborhood (which also took out a water main in the process), plus they've got five inches of water in their basement. Their furnished basement. And no flood insurance.

At any rate, it's all over. Now all we need to do is dry out.

Altho' the rain stopped yesterday, school was canceled today and tomorrow as well. There are vague reports of flood damage in various buildings, so I can see why that might make a difference. No matter the benefits of penicillin, mildew doesn't enhance learning. Ian's school is also closed, so we'll be hanging out again. As I was putting him to bed, I asked what he wanted to do tomorrow. He said he wants to make 'smores. Works for me.


mmmm...smores sound way more fun than work!

Weren't you guys having a drought before this?

Yikes. I hope it dries out soon.

Yes, yes we were. I'm guessing those days are looking pretty good for some people right now.

Yikes! I've been thinking about you guys this week. Wish your rain could come hang out with our brush fires. They would totally hit it off.

Glad you guys are safe and suffering minimal damages!