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Well, That Answers *That* Question

A brief followup to my passing urge to learn to cook: the local continuing ed program has exactly one course. It's a "Culinary Fast Track Apprenticeship Certificate," taught by a LeCordon Bleu Certified Chef. Sounds promising. Julia Child was a LeCordon Bleu trained chef (apparently they're thrilled by the movie). It's one night a week for three hours, first week of October to the first week of June.

It costs $10,000 to enroll. That's right. Ten. Thousand. Dollars.

Did I mention I had only a passing urge to learn to cook?


Checked the local community colleges?

Give me $100, and I'll teach you to make spaghetti, toast, mac + cheese, and ... um ... cold cereal. And also Jello!

Greg: I have. They have nothing at all. They suck.

Jim: That's a generous offer, my friend, but no scrambled eggs is a dealbreaker.