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Quick Hits

Been busy with the starting of the new semester, so I'm just going to hit highlights.

  • Saw Julie & Julia over the weekend, on a rare date night. Quite good. Like Big Night, I came out of it hungry. Even now, several days later, I want cook with lots of butter and make my own mayonnaise and generally master the art of cooking Beef Bourguignon. Not too interested killing lobsters, tho'.

  • After months of searching in this brave new economy, my brother finally got a new job. Huzzah! With benefits and everything!

  • Got a flu shot this morning. Not the "The Stand" Super Flu vaccine the media's been going on about, the one involving pigs or birds or komodo dragons, just the regular old flu. When asked if they were going to get that vaccine, they only shrugged their shoulders.

  • Starting to get real reference questions at the desk, now that Drop/Add is over. Got a bunch of Criminal Justice students in here, asking about serial killers. At least, I hope they're Criminal Justice majors...

  • Did my first instruction session today. Found out that the professor (who has a doctorate) was an undergrad at University of Northern Iowa when I was working there ten years ago. God I'm old.


I LOVE Big Night! I haven't seen it in years; I have a videotape of it somewhere, but I no longer have a VCR. Sad.

Man, I craved pasta for a week after we saw that. Hm. Must check Netflix.