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You'll Feel Dizzy, Light And Free

Amusements at Ye Olde Daye Jobbe, including shiftings, moves (real and rumored), and general tomfoolery. My move is a real one, sadly enough. I'm giving up the office with a door for a cubical with a window. This is a mixed blessing at best, but I will say no more, preferring to smother my hot tears of rage in my pillow each night.

* * *

Am reading the comments and critiques of the Starry Heaven novel, and have concluded that the middle is fine (well, sufficient), but the beginning needs a couple dramatic changes to work and the current planned ending won't work at all. So basically I have a middle part. On the bright side, redoing the beginning gives me opportunities to plan for a better ending...as soon as I figure out what that ending will be. I'm currently thinking it will involve the collapse of the multiverse, but perhaps not.

Also, I will have to actually write it, darn the luck.

* * *

In passing news, I see that Marvel is going to be having a new series in October called Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural, starring the former Brother Voodoo, new possessor of the Eye of Agomotto and the brand new Sorcerer Supreme. Fred Hembeck must be beside himself with joy.

Reading: Oh, many things.

  • Bone Shop, Tim Pratt's Marla Mason novella-in-progress. Read and donate a little something, wouldja? Heather, Tim's sweetie, lost her job and they need money for things like food and diapers and medicine, fercryinoutloud

  • Hero, by Perry Moore. Sarah gave me this at Starry Heaven, a YA about a gay teenage superhero coming out in more ways than one. I liked it, altho' Sarah did not, for reasons she didn't specify (or I just don't recall, which wouldn't surprise me).

  • The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, which was talked up at Starry Heaven. Very good, but man, I was rather annoyed to find it's only book one! Book two won't be out for a few more months! Gah!

  • Who Can Save Us Now?, edited by Owen King & John McNally. Literary-type writers write about superheroes, with interesting results.

  • DC's recent big event, Final Crisis, collected in hardcover. I just gotta say: Superman defeats Darkseid by singing? Really? Wow.
Huh, lotta superhero stuff right now (yes, quiet).



I wanted to say hi and introduce myself and thank you for talking about my book HERO.

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Many thanks, Perry Moore, author of HERO