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What's The Worse Thing That Can Happen? Wait, Don't Answer That

Fourth of July weekend has begun. As part of it, we're going to take Ian to the movies today, his first time ever. Up, in just over an hour. Will report back afterwards as to how it went and if we'll be allowed back into the theater. Ha! I kid. Maybe. We'll see.

Update: Well, that went a little better than I expected. Got there a few minutes before the movie started, he sat through the previews, the opening cartoon and the beginning (mostly nontalking) sequence. About the point where they arrived in South America, he got bored and wanted to leave. So he and I left to wander around the lobby a bit; there were a number of movie displays and games he examined. Eventually he was willing to go back in, and we returned to catch most of the ending. Overall, a fairly good first outing. Will need to try it again in, say about six months, with a movie that's a bit zippier.

Now, to find a spoiler site to catch up on the middle section I missed.