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Daddy Has Two Offices

It's true. My move is no longer a move, it's now a division of space. That is to say, I still have the office with the door and no windows, but now I also have the cube with the window and no door. There's also no phone, no power and no computer. These things are coming, or so I am told. Right now, sitting down there feels like going to work in 1973: nothing but a desk, paper, and pens. Oh, and my thoughts.


My, sure is quiet in here.

Reading: Just finished The Claws Come Out: Astounding Tales of Broads and Monsters, by indie cartoonist Pat Lewis. Good read, and Mr. Lewis has a very charming style. Also just picked up The Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians quintet, after seeing the trailer for the upcoming movie. At this point I've only finished the first chapter, but Lisa read it all the way through, and seemed pleased it was a complete series (meaning: now we're going to go get the rest of them).