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You Say It's Your Birthday?

A happy birthday to my sweet sweetie! Ian helped me throw her an inpromptu surprise party yesterday. Party of Three, just me, he & she, altho' the cats were milling about along the edges.

Incidentally, throwing a surprise birthday party for someone the day before their actual birthday is actually quite effective at actually, y'know, surprising someone. That's a free tip, kids. Make a note of it.

Best part was pulling it together, as the lad picked everything out: flowers, balloon, card, present, candy, and cake (chocolate chip chocolate muffins). We'd get something and then he'd shout in the grocery story, "Wait! Present!" Then he'd examine the wall of toys at the grocery store very intently, inspecting and rejecting a number of items (like a rubber chicken) before settling on a can of Silly String. Then he'd shout, "Wait! Balloons!" So we'd go get a balloon. In short, big fun.

As for her actual birthday, well, she's working from home today, and I'm stuck here in Ye Olde Librarye until late. Hm. Perhaps I should have had Ian to help me plan a way to get out of that.


A very happy birthday to your sweetie, and kudos to Ian for his professional event planning chops.

Happy birthday to Lisa!

Yay! Happy birthday to Lisa. Did she like the silly string?

Well, she did, but ironically it kinda scared Ian. D'oh!

It was a lovely birthday party, and I was very surprised. The silly string was not as successful as we might have hoped, as Ian thought I was hurting Jon when I shot him with the string. And then the string would not come off of the shirt where it landed. It's still stuck there, almost 24 hours later. I think I'm ruling it out for Ian's birthday this weekend.

I think foregoing the rubber chicken in favor of the silly string was absolutely the right call! The kid's got taste. (Though, it sounds like the silly string maybe needs some improvement?)

I think it's fair to say he didn't really know what it was when he picked it out.