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Stop That Right Now

Just sent an email to Marvel's editors, expressing my disapproval of the, er, lightening? paling? bleaching of the color of Sunspot's skin (for the curious, Greg has shots of the (updated:) original and now.) If it was an accident on the part of the colorist or the printer, then they should fix it. If it was a conscious decision, then they should really rethink it.

If you'd like to express an opinion about this, you can fill out Marvel's Feedback Page (pick Editorial); alternatively, you can send email to the X-titles office at officex@marvel.com.



While I agree there has been some white-washing, I don't think it's as drastic as it looks. I never remember Sunspot as being as dark as he is in that "original" picture Greg linked. Here are some pictures I think show the more common colors used: http://www.comicvine.com/sunspot/29-4644/

I'm not saying there wasn't a range of coloring in the original, but they've moved out of it. They've also lightened his hair quite a bit.

Jenn, this could just be a matter of color perception, but in all the samples you linked to, he looks quite dark to me. In the one with him and Gideon, he's at least as dark (to my eyes) as the example I posted on Twitter. And in all of them, he's close in skin tone to the color they use for Storm. The example I chose was the first one I found that prominently featured him in his non-crackly mode. I think he's at least very close to that shade in the other examples I posted. But, like I said, maybe it's just the way my eyes are calibrated.