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I Curse My Defectiveness

About three days I managed to abuse my left knee in some new and exciting way. Whilst preparing the lad for bed, I managed to a) keep my left foot planted on the floor as I b) twisted the rest of me to lie down myself. I felt something go 'sproing' inside, and it's been bugging me ever since.

Really, it's not that bad. Walking is fine, altho' I do limp from time to time if I'm feeling dramatic. Which, admittedly, is often. Even if I'm the only one in the room. Stairs, however, are a new and exciting frontier in irritation. It goes roughly like this:

So if you see me muttering to myself, that's why.

In happier news, might I recommend to you Dresden Codak? Start at the beginning and go from there; it's not unlike The Exploits of Engelbrecht mangafied. Also, you might enjoy Rice-Boy, which is long but complete and has some very trippy art. It's also for sale in a dead tree edition, which I think I need to work on getting sometime.


Hehe, I've had several of those minor inconvenient hurts since having a kid, so I believe there's a correlation there. Several of them befuddle me: how did I hurt my calf without ever leaving the house or doing anything that seemed strenuous?

Hope you're taking the stairs smoothly again in short order. :)