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Vigilant As A LOLCat

Forsooth and so forth! I am amused to report that I have triumphed (triumphed, I say!) in a recent contest of note! That is to say, my fuzz buckets have so triumphed, and as such, so have I profited.

The dear Lisa Mantchev recently offered a competition for ARCs of her to-be-released-around-Midsummer-Night (well, early July) first novel, Eyes Like Stars: Theatre Illuminata, Part I. The competition: The Compleat Werks of LOLShakespeare! The rules: submit a LOLcat captioned with a quote of the immortal Bard hisself. Follow the link and see the winning entries, mine included! And now, as my coveted prize arrived not long ago, I shall wave it aloft and say "This advance release copy I had on Crispin's day!"

Huzzah! Now, go forth and order a copy of her book already! Then go fight the French (they'll know why)!