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Safe At Last

This past week was a long, strange one. Ian spent it at home, as he'd been diagnosed with hand, foot & mouth disease. I kept wanting to call it "hoof & mouth disease," which isn't right, and yet I had to mentally correct myself almost every time before I said. Spending it at home with Ian was fun, but extremely draining. It's true he's at an age when he can play by himself for a bit, but he's got lots of playmates at school. When he's at home, I'm his playmate of necessity. And often choice.

By the weekend he was all better, and we spent one afternoon with him in a cape playing superhero. This basically meant him saving me repeatedly. He'd be up in his swing set-slash-slide-slash-tower and I'd be on the ground pleading for help. He'd throw me a rope (a real rope, a bit we found in the garage) and pull me up (he's quite strong for his age). First thing he learned was to not let go of the rope. Once I'm rescued, I'd thank him and he'd chirp back "De nada."

Repeat that about fifty times and you'd have the essence of my Sunday.

* * *

I am need of reading various 1st fifties for Starry Heaven. Gah! Is it already the last week of April?


I know. Time's flying.