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Run, Kiwi!

Went to see Flight of the Conchords on Saturday, with ridiculously good seats. You should all be very, very jealous. No, it's all right. I understand. 'Twas a hilarious performance, even allowing for the doofus sitting behind us who was so overly enthusiastic it seemed likely he'd only discovered humor that very morning. I almost expected him to shout "I love laughing!" at some point. Nevertheless, the lads of Middle Earth did some excellent renditions, including a few I'd never heard of. I was particularly fond of "Demon Woman," which wasn't electric, but did have Nigel of the Wellington orchestra playing a cello.

From Club Atlanta's review:

Then [Bret] hopped off the front of the stage and started going through the crowd giving out high fives. Jemaine jumped down and shook the hands of every one in the front row one at a time, but then he hopped back up to the stage. During this Bret took off running up one of the aisles and presumably out of the theater. Everyone in the audience was standing and still clapping in rhythm. A woman with a headset came out onto the stage looking for the guys, and saw Jemaine. You could see them talk and then Jemaine just walked off stage. The woman shielded her eyes from the lights looking out into the crowd and then got on her walkie-talkie. It was obvious no one knew where Bret had gone to and they were trying to find him.
Obvious in retrospect. Bret's over 30, so it's pretty clear his crystal turned red.

After that, it was a lovely Easter weekend for us, and hope it was for you too. Ian hunted for Easter eggs, which was as amusing as we hoped. Among his various Easter goodies were some Spider-Man eggs. They look like the decapitated heads of various Spider-Man clones, only with candy inside. Lisa tells me that, if we had so desired, we could have had a Wolverine themed Easter.

This holiday is so weird.