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I'm An Idea Man, Really

Ah, another Monday, another week o' crap that needs to get done. More and more often I find myself in need of an external brain to keep track of things for me: writing, work, home, miscellaneous in'nerests. The one I've used the most was one that was described in BoingBoing as the Hipster PDA. The two biggest problems with it are a) keeping a pen with it (I had a good one, which I naturally lost), and b) in the summertime, the only place I have to put it is my back pocket. And something like that, as anyone familiar with the Georgia heat can tell you, makes your tuchus sweat. Which is not good for paper.

The other problem is that, even if I've written it down, I don't always get it done. It's as if there's more to getting things accomplished than just remembering to do them.

What I really need is an army of robot servants. That would be useful.