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Back In The Saddle Again

Back at work, after yesterday's excitement. I had some question about that, as they have still not yet caught the guy. Took forty minutes to leave campus, as they were checking everyone's car. You know the drill: they look in the windows, pop the trunk, etc. Just like crossing the border into South Whackisztanavia, or wherever your travels take you.

AJC had an article about the guy, which makes him sound like a bit of a character. Called him "The Little Houdini." I especially liked this part:

[Coffee County (Tenn.) Sheriff] Graves said Gay had been arrested in Orlando. Police there checked computer records and found he was wanted in Coffee County for stealing a Wal-Mart truck from Manchester, Tenn.

He is also the man suspected of stealing the tour bus of country music star Crystal Gayle, allegedly so he could return to Tennessee to see his dying mother.

In August 2007, Maxim magazine did a cover story about Gay’s exploits, dubbing him “The Last Outlaw.”

“I guess we’ll do a background check the next time we pick up a fugitive,” Graves said.