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The Great Post-Millennial Clusterf@#k Says Hello

Found out that starting in July, I and my fellow non-tenured employees here at Midsized Southeastern University will be getting a day or two off a month. Unpaid, unfortunately, but that's all right. Furlough beats layoff any day of the week. Besides, I look forward to using this extra time to cover my chest in bean dip and snack continuously while watching M.A.S.H. reruns get stuff done around the house.


If I were still at ASU I'd be taking a 10-day unpaid furlough this year. Things is way screwed.

But, hey, bean dip!

Hopefully there'll be a bean dip bailout at some point.

Here's to hoping you can at least use your furlough days to make three-day weekends. Still sucks, though.

They are currently thinking furlough days would be Fridays, as that's a much quieter day here in general.

Prune shrubs by front walk
Plant flowers in back flowerbed
Fix planter around tree in front
Paint master bath
Replace bathroom light fixtures
Rearrange furniture in guest room
Reorganize books
Move buffet in dining room to other wall
Rehang pictures in dining room
I could go on and on and on...

w00t! Furloughs!